Software Services

Peace of Mind Included

At Dragon Inside Software Services, we know how important it is to you to have software that really supports your organization at a reasonable cost. We do not only look at the technical side of the software, but also make sure the embedding in you organisation and processes goes smoothly. Next to that, we understand that maintenance of software is even more expensive than the initial software development cost. Therefor, we build custom solutions to suit the needs of your organization. From data entry and storage to data processing, to presentation and interacting with the end-users. And also important: by using open source software, we avoid you get lock-in by a vendor.

As the solutions offered by Software Services is very broad, we like to inspire you with some ideas:

  • Custom software to support your organisation: automatic planning and scheduling of resources, creation of actionable management information, automation of manually repeated task, workflows to manage client support and more.
  • Multi-channel solutions: get access to you data on any device without the need to develop a custom solution for each device
  • Managed hosting of websites: create and maintain your own website in minutes. Includes hosting of your website, the domain name and email addresses to make your company known to the world.
  • eCommerce including electronic payment processing solutions
  • Software architecture: if you have your own software development team, you can get advise on which software architecture to use
  • Data storage solutions
  • And much more! Feel free to share your ideas with us.

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