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At the moment we provide in-house training on Data Science and Advanced Excel. We offer off-the-shelf training and we can also customize training to match your specific needs.

Data Science master class

The Data Science master class consists of various modules. You learn all about the ins and outs of the disciplines of big data and data science. You will learn how to efficiently gather both structured and unstructured data, execute data validations and transform data. By analysis and the application of algorithms and statistics, you learn how to predict house prices, recognize faces using Artificial Intelligence, and much more. The master class is hands-on: each module contains tasks to start gaining practical experience immediately.

The primary audience for the training is business and data analysts, software developers, and DevOps engineers who want to accelerate their career by becoming a true data scientist. You should be comfortable with basic data processing concepts and familiar with at least one data processing tool. Some coding experience would be helpful. The machine learning examples used in the training are mainly based on Python and R, but the core concepts can be applied to any framework.

A secondary audience for this training is managers who want to start implementing data science projects in their organisation, and want to learn all about data science: what are potential benefits, how to find and select use cases, what are success factors and possible pitfalls. If you are interested in better understanding machine learning life cycles and how they can benefit your organization, the training will introduce an approach to achieve exactly that.

Advanced Excel training

The primary audience for the training is Excel users with some years of experience and who want to exploit the hidden advanced features in Excel. This will help you accelerate e.g. the creation of reports, reduce manual copy/paste actions, and work smarter. You should be comfortable with Excel and use it on a regular basis to get the most out of this training. You will learn how to automate your work in Excel by using macros and by programming in Visual Basic for Applications.

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