Your Journey.






Predict the future

  • I have a call center. I need to plan my resources. How many customers will likely contact my call center just before Christmas? And how many during the summer?
  • My company receives 2000 documents per month. How important is each of these documents? And which department should process them?
  • I invest in real estate. Which buildings are currently listed with a price substantially below the market price?





Recognize objects, people, animals, plants, sounds …

  • I have a chemical plant. Are there any employees not wearing their safety boots at the moment?
  • I am a manager at a bank and confronted with an increase of fraud cases. To prevent fraud, I need to know which transaction behaviors are most likely related to fraud.
  • I am a medical researcher and I have large clinical and molecular datasets. Can I use these to identify cancer in an early stage?


actionable insights



See the invisible 

  • I want to attract more customers. What is the typical profile of my clients? And in which regions can I find more clients matching this profile?
  • Clients may move to a competitor. I want to know which 100 clients are most likely to move, so I can make them an offer and keep them as clients. Can I get a list containing these clients?
  • I have a supermarket. I want to know which products that are often bought together so I can display them next to each other. 
  • I have an insurance company, but I am not sure if all customers prefer the same type of customer care. Do my customers form natural groups or segments?